Event / Veranstaltung
Prototyping Workshop

9 – 10 June 2014

We met in Belfast (a 40 min drive from Ballykinlar) for a half-day workshop at Belfast’s Fab Lab. They run short intro session into laser cutting and 3D printing, and their resources are free of use. We just got a few key rings done and a better understanding how digital prototyping works.

Back home at the barracks it was baxk to glitter and candle making. Remember, the product ain’t look military.

Digital Skill Workshop am Fab Lab in Belfast.

Gemeinsames Kerzendesign im Gemeinschaftsraum auf dem Armeegelände in Ballykinlar. Nach Laser-cutting und 3D Drucken war jetzt wieder Glitter und Kerzenmachen angesagt.

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